Seminars with Paul R. White
Seminars with Paul R. White

Paul is available to present his five seminars to interested agencies, organizations and professional sponsors. He will travel to an assembled audience for a day or a two-day seminar. His availability and fees for seminars or key-note address can be obtained by contacting his office direct at 815-980-1391. Ask to speak with Kathleen, Seminar Coordinator. (Customized Seminars Available)

Seminar #1: CLAYtherapy®: The Therapeutic Application of Clay with Children

Every counselor on the planet uses clay (Play-Doh). Every child loves clay and has a primal connection and positive attraction to clay. This seminar is a day long workshop of hands-on, user-friendly clinical utilization of clay. Paul is the author of the book CLAYtherapy® which teaches this special utilization of Play-doh. Participants learn to use Play-doh in a whole new way to approach and teach children to problem solve, modify thinking, control anger/impulse, build self esteem, and enhance trust and two dozen other child-centered needs. CLAYtherapy® is a mixture of direct and indirect play therapy and applied Cognitive Therapy. Practical and fun, it accommodates all levels of clinical experience and artistic ability fitting into almost any treatment setting. CLAYtherapy® is used with children from kindergarten through the middle school years. Learn more about CLAYtherapy® at:

Seminar #2: Talking to Kids: Clinical Techniques with Children and Pre-adolescents

This seminar begins with an overview of the basic principals of, establishing the therapeutic relationship and counseling techniques with children and adolescents during the intake phase. It then moves on to methods of making therapeutic connections that allow therapy to happen with even those difficult children. Mr. White presents more than two-dozen specific "how-to" "meat and potatoes" techniques and strategies that work; from identification and control of feelings, acceptance of responsibility, awareness and use of thought processes, and successful communication with adults. He teaches practical problem solving strategies, using "magic" therapeutic words, decision making and other life skills. Participants will learn paper and pencil techniques, verbal and visual strategies, play-dough tricks-of-the-trade and other creative therapy methods. His learn-today, use-tomorrow style makes the "take-home value" of this workshop very high.

Seminar #3: A Child’s Anger: Techniques of Helping Children and Teens Identify and Cope with Anger

This seminar provides the participant an overview of play therapy and traditional "talk therapy" and their usefulness in helping children cope with anger. Mr. White presents two dozen unique techniques and approaches in anger identification and resolution. Children are taught to identify feelings, control emotions, solve problems and cope with the stresses of life. Through tools like The Anger Cycle children learn the ebb and flow of emotion and those factors that effect mood. His nationally publicized book and disk set, The Anger Dial will be used. The Anger Dial teaches children to place controls on their anger and to accept the consequence of their actions. Participants will leave this seminar better prepared and having practical tools that teach children to identify measure, engage and control the elements of anger. These techniques can be used for children of all ages especially elementary through latency ages, adapted most also work with teenagers.

Seminar #4: CLAY-in-the-Classroom®: Using Play-Doh© in the Achievement of Early Learning Standards (Pre-K through Elementary)

This seminar is geared to assisting the teacher and counseling staff in the accomplishment of Early Learning Standards at the Pre-K through Kindergarten to Elementary levels. It directly teaches most all of the Social/Emotional goals of eagerness, creativity, and curiosity as a learner, problem solving, self-esteem, communication, relationship development, initiative, independence and fine/gross motor skills. The techniques further teach many of the "Benchmarks" of Reading, Math, Geometry, Language, Organization and Science through the use of simple play-doh.

Developed in concert with teachers, administrators and school social workers this seminar directly addresses learning goals. CLAY-in-the-Classroom®. combines the dynamics of the CLAYtherapy experience with the multidimensional developmental domains of early and elementary education. Your Seminar can be customized to a selection of educational levels and/or targeted goals.

Seminar #5: Counseling Adolescents: Thirty Learn Today Use Tomorrow techniques

This seminar deals with some of the major challenges of counseling teens. It begins with special components of the adolescent treatment relationship. This is followed by various technique and strategies specific to adolescence; establishing a working relationship (teens or parents, who am I working for?), goal setting, aggression, overcoming resistance, establishing/maintaining confidentiality, self-esteem development, self-harm and depression.

Mr. White will provide specific "How to" nuts-and-bolts of face-to-face Interaction with teens. It will be a day of learn today use tomorrow practical treatment skills and kid-friendly methods of teaching responsibility, ownership, control and young adult life behavior.

Visit Paul and CLAYtherapy at:

All three of these workshops are geared for the intermediate to advanced counselor. Participants should have a Masters degree or extensive work experience to derive maximum value. The workshop content has been developed and improved over thirty-five years of direct service to children. The words and art-forms are a blending of theory and practical application. Based on sound clinical concepts, these techniques have been developed through face-to-face work with children and are used daily by the presenter. They will help those in attendance engage children more effectively in the treatment process. These techniques are outstanding in assisting children solve problems, modify behaviors, understand and control their impulse/anger, relieve stress, identity feelings and cope with the sometimes harsh realities of life.
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